Year 8 ‘Me as a Beast’ Project

Year 8 students are currently undertaking a brief called ‘Me as a Beast’. This has involved illustrating themselves with animal characteristics. The brief is about taking the individual pupil and asking them to think philosophically about their personalities and behaviour. This then allows the pupil to make connections to an animal they feel reflect the same tendencies.

We have been looking at the work of David Chan ‘Hybrid Society’ and Toyin Odutola’s ‘Animorphs’. Their work explores culture and identity. In particular they focus on the idea that humans have shied away from their animal qualities but highlight that inevitably we have evolved during evolution from animals ourselves.

At this stage, pupils are currently creating their human hybrids. The brief has allowed the pupils to look at identity, cultural elements such as religion and their beliefs. Leading them to look at Mythology and legends. The brief has allowed the pupils to look at art in a more cross-curricular manner.

Pupils have been very expressive and forward thinking with their illustrations and have reflected these qualities independently. The students will be exploring a wide range of mediums and the techniques used to apply them. The images above show the work in progress.

Vish Sodha (Associate Teacher Goldsmith’s College)

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