Tate Ambassadors Team launched

A group of over 20 Sixth Form students have volunteered to become Tate Ambassadors within the Grey Coat Hospital. Supported by Ms Burnett and the school and youth teams at the Tate, their challenge is to engage the school community with the Tate galleries. In order to launch the group we visited Tate Britain, just 3 minutes walk from the Upper School, and met with the Youth team and representatives from the Tate Collective. Tate Collective is a group of 15-25 year old young people who create and organise events for other young people in the galleries and we will be following this model in the school. Their next event is a free workshop at Tate Modern by set designer Annie Lomax. It takes place this Saturday 4th October from 11am – 4pm and is free and open to all 15-25 year olds. Book online here: http://collectives.tate.org.uk/events/tate-lab-october-2014-anna-lomax
Meanwhile the Tate Ambassadors will meet this week to discuss their plans and will keep you updated on the blog.

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