IMG_5604Until 28th November Wednesday 11-6, Saturday 11-5

20 Arlington Way, EC1R 1UY

Miss Burnett’s solo exhibition titled ‘PINK’  at William Benington Gallery in the gritty and artsy Islington, seeks to reinvent our perceptions of size whilst redefining our associations with colour. The exhibition’s pieces’ question gender and sexuality through breaking the stereotypical definition of ‘pretty pink’ and its connections to femininity. She achieves this through using a variety of materials in their raw form (such as rocks and copper) and painting them pink – clashing with our preconceived ideas of rocks representing durability, hardness and strength: descriptions which are usually associated with masculine attributes. Each sculpture investigates the power of proportion as they seem to have been shrunk from former larger structures in order to fit to their surroundings. I personally loved the exhibition, the materials though very different seemed to match beautifully as smooth copper surfaces joined angular maize yellow forms. The stern metal rods which interlocked with rock- like forms were given an almost playful quality through their pale colours.

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