The Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel copy77-82 Whitechapel High St London E1 7QX

Open Tuesday-Sunday

11am-6pm(Thursdays 9pm)  Free entry

Whitechapel gallery is home to a wide variety of art including film, history, photography and music; there is something for everyone.

Music is one of the themes throughout many exhibitions. The Computers and Cooperative Music-Making exhibition (Luke Fowler and Mark Fell) looks at how the use of computers in music has shaped the way that it is made.  The exhibition shows the algorithms and math’s equations used in the technology to make music making the experience informative and enjoyable. Along side this was a musical experience. Three speakers in a room with beanbags created an environment that created an atmosphere that transported me into a different place.

My favorite gallery looked at everyday items across a many days. One piece took photos of money exchange shops in the city of Paris. From each shop the artist exchanged money from pounds to euros and received a receipt, which they pinned underneath the image of the shop. This showed the difference in exchange rates within one city.

I would recommend going to the gallery because even though the gallery is small, it has a wide range of exhibitions that requires time to take in the information and background of each piece of work.

Emily Day Wilson

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