Poems by Esther Dentor, year 9


Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais (1852)

Ophelia-The Dead Woman

Her eyes, crystal clear,

And so blue,

Telling a story so true,

Her mouth, open,

Gasping for air,

Her lips, as rosy,

As mountain dew

Her hands, cupped

As if saying a prayer,

Her expression, her face,

Her stare

A story shall be told,

But why is she in the water?

A mystery behold…

Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1874)

Proserpine-The Trapped Woman

Her raven-like hair,

So wavy like waves,

Her unblemished skin,

So pale, so thin

Her gorgeous eyes,

Like piercing blue and black skies

Her fresh red lips,

As curvy as her hips,

But what is this woman hiding?

Is she trapped?

What has she abounded?

Cupping in her hands,

A small pleasant fruit,

This was a small as a garden newt,

But trapped in a tower,

Hour by hour

Waiting for the end to come,

In that horrible, dark slum…